• Creating mobile marketing campaigns can be a daunting task.

    Our goal it to make it a simple, cost-effective process, with a flexible private-label SMS marketing solution. We offer low messaging prices, even at low traffic volumes. Uses: marketing campaigns, real-time alerts, interactive displays, website integration, customer support (go from paying $13 for a phone call to pennies for a text), mobilize classified advertising, real estate listings and more. We treat SMS as a real-time notification channel, as a bridge between the real world and web-enabled data. The possibilities are limitless.

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Benefits of SMS Marketing

How you can beat the competition and achieve positive ROI by taking advantage of our private-label SMS application: Novel, fully opt-in and targeted, SMS provides conversion rates between 12-20% (we've seen well above 40% in some cases), compared to print’s response rates of 1-3% Open rates above 85% Of mobile marketing respondents, 21% replied to three plus offers per month SMS advertising delivers a 33% recall rate Reach customers in their pockets Makes all of your advertising instantly trackable, from print to web to radio to TV

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Technical features

Built-in modules for opt-in, opt-out & help Associate keywords in exact match and ‘starts with’ modes for robust sub-keywords Support for multiple SMSCs, through SMPP binds or web services Long-numbers available for threaded messaging & and staging Session and state awareness for true two-way messaging Advanced subscription management Flexible keyword matching & selective routing Wide range of API functions Everything built from the ground up for real applications – we eat our own dogfood

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Product features

Create auto-responders Customize look & feel for a true white-label solution Tag subscribers into freeform groups Free testing – don’t pay until you’re fully deployed Neat, clean logs, all exportable to CSV Go live immediately (that’s real connectivity on a live shortcode) Generate virtually limitless keywords at no additional charge (use these for multiple campaigns or split testing – know which 50% of your ad spend is misallocated) Reasonable monthly pricing (c.f. aggregators) and rock-bottom messaging costs, even at low volumes Support goes directly to the developers, with rapid escalation to our founders

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The short version

It does everything you need to create a mobile marketing campaign and a whole lot more if you want to build two-way SMS applications. And what it doesn’t do, we can build. Email us with your questions. Manage subscriber lists Send subscribers messages (immediately, by scheduling through the UI, the API or a calendar feed)

From The Blog

  • Our system packages a gateway, user interface and intelligent routing system. At a high level, it controls the workflow of applications via modules, directs messages to and from applications and maintains a list of applications and user sessions, linking the two. It’s a highly modular system.
  • We’ve created numerous modules for our own purposes, and can customize the system for your needs. The system makes it easy to create complex message flow.